emotional intelligence

What is Emotional Intelligence in Leadership?

Emotional intelligence is about working with people, interacting with people, motivating people, managing conflict in others (and self) and managing change. These are some of the elements of people management, regardless of formal leadership titles (supervisor, manager, director etc.) or informal leadership titles (coordinator, administrator, QA etc.).

Are you a Leader or a Manager?

Do you consider yourself to be a Leader or a Manager? Do others see you as a Leader or Manager? What is the difference between a Leader and a Manager?

The 3 Ws! “What, Where & WRC”

"What a lovely & unusual name? Where are you from?" This type of question could land you at the WRC (workplace relations commission).

Leadership Coaching: The What | The Who | The How

Are you a high achiever feeling (almost) burned out? Do you lead with your full potential? Do you want to get your team to perform better? Do you need to delegate more so that you can work on more exciting projects?