Want increased productivity, enhanced relationships, less conflict and a higher EBITDA? Have your CXOs, directors, managers and supervisors received and implemented people management training? Is your HR department fully compliant with up-to-date employment laws in the Republic of Ireland?

At Leadership and HR Solutions, we evolve organisations, individuals and business owners by providing leadership and HR solutions. We are passionate about what we do. We believe in what we do. We work with driven and ambitious people who want to make a difference. If we work together, we are confident that you and your organisation will evolve with confidence.

If you are looking for honest and straight talkers that genuinely want to help you and your organisation move towards the direction that is right for you, then let’s talk.

Whether you are running an organisation, an individual or a business owner, you work with people. Working with people can be deeply satisfying but it can also be challenging at the best of times.

Developing leadership skills and HR procedures help mitigate risk, improve an organisation’s EBITDA and ease stress. Let us reduce your stress so you can move on with other aspects of your business.

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Leadership Training

  • ‘Soft-skills’ development.
  • Leadership development.
  • Coach your team for greater performance.
  • Motivate your team.
  • Conflict management.
  • Communication skills.
  • Emotional intelligence.
  • HR training for non-HR managers.
  • Other.

Leadership Coaching

  • One-on-One coaching for individuals.
  • Forward-focused & action-oriented approach to achieve goals.
  • Professional coaching tools, models, assessments & psychometric assessments.


  • Mitigate risk for employers.
  • Strategic development of a HR department.
  • Creating or enhancing HR processes such as recruitment, contracts, handbook, onboarding, employee engagement, employment law advice, performance management, grievances, WRC preparation, exit interviews.


“When I first considered the idea of coaching, I’ll admit I was a bit nervous and not sure if it was the right direction for me. I was at crossroads in my career and becoming far too comfortable, lacking motivation, confidence, and personal insight. I signed up for the coaching sessions not knowing what to expect, however, having now completed the sessions, I can certainly say it was one of the best decisions I made.  I have previous experience in self-development work and often found it quite difficult being aware and dealing with particular topics.

From the get-go, Rabia made me feel very much at ease and completely managed my expectations through her measured and calm approach. After some brief consulting, Rabia was able to get to the core areas for improvement. Rabia is very easy to connect with, is direct in her approach and honest in what she observes. Her knowledge, professionalism and experience are very evident throughout the sessions. Once the areas for improvement were identified, she equipped me with the tools to deal with them on a step-by-step basis, seeing all alternatives while highlighting that repetition of these techniques would show improvement. Rabia always dealt with me in a very positive manner while easily picking up on the ‘unsaid’.  Having initially signed up for 6 sessions, Rabia felt that I had progressed immensely after just 3 sessions and suggested to ‘pause’ and return at a later stage. I appreciated her expertise and sincerity in assessing this.

I can already see a shift in myself and my career by focusing on my objectives and using the tools I gained.  My decision-making skills have improved. I feel more confident. The coaching has reshaped how I view and deal with situations.  I could not recommend Rabia highly enough and I look forward to working with her again.”

“Being in a position of leadership often means prioritising others. The sessions with Rabia helped me focus and reflect on my own needs and goals. She helped declutter my mind and lead me through a guided exploration of lived experiences to better inform future decisions. Having never previously engaged a leadership coach, I was pleasantly surprised at the outcomes and clarity of thought and new perceptions on the professional areas we addressed. Through the five sessions I spent with Rabia, I explored and began to understand how my core values were shaping my positive career outcomes and anchoring some professional frustrations. Addressing the latter with Rabia has greatly enhanced the joy I take from my role.”

“Coaching with Rabia has been excellent. After re-training and making a career change, I became overwhelmed in the new industry I had moved into. I lacked confidence in moving forward and progressing in my industry. Throughout our sessions, I was able to explore the options available to me and I now have the confidence to make these changes in my career and plan for the future. I would highly recommend working with Rabia as a coach, she is professional and organised, and can really help people to achieve great things!”

“Rabia helped me take the time to flesh out aspects to unleash my personal and professional potential. She did so in a context of total confidentiality and created a space in which it felt safe to explore, dig in and share. We utilised tools to assess my strengths and weaknesses, always linking back to my goals and changes I wanted to achieve, gaining new perspectives. I recommend Rabia to anyone contemplating a change in life or work or struggling with a specific issue, as you’ll gain more clarity and will have access to new, concrete tools.”

“Recently I was faced with a difficult situation at work that caused frustration and confusion. I spoke with Rabia about the situation and she helped me dig deeper to find the root cause. Rabia gave clarity on the situation and heightened my awareness to the emotions I was feeling. It felt weird at first but a powerful exercise overall. The experience with Rabia has taught me things I never knew about myself and the importance of self-care. I highly recommend working with Rabia as it’s amazing to see how a few sessions can alter your mindset.”

Disclaimer: Our clients have given permission to share their testimonials. Some of my clients like to remain anonymous or change their name.


Leader or Manager?

Take the test and be in with a chance to get a free coaching session!